All of my services here at Glow Up are designed to help you look and feel your best every day. I’ll provide you with completely customized results that fit your personal style and reduce lengthy morning routines. Browse through the descriptions below to see which is the right solution for you!

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As a licensed esthetician, I could spend all day telling you about the risks and harmful effects of UV tanning, both out in the sun or in tanning beds. Can you say leathery skin and skin cancer? No thanks. Fortunately, we live in the age of gorgeous sunless tanning products. Here at Glow Up, I exclusively use all natural, organic, PETA-certified vegan sunless tanning solutions. Not only that, my solutions contain no parabens, fragrances, or erythrulose and are made right here in California. After your consultation, I mix up a custom blend solution to ensure we are able to achieve a perfectly natural look for your specific skin tone and desired look. Using top of the line HVLP professional airbrush tanning equipment gives a flawless application of unbeatable solution to make sure you always end up with a streak-free, orange-free, healthy tan.

Classic Airbrush Spray Tan – $40

After the solution is applied at your airbrush tanning appointment, you will need to let the product stay on your skin for a minimum of 8-10 hours without getting your skin wet, damp, or sweaty. After you rinse off the solution, your tan will continue to develop until it has been 24 hours since the application. With proper aftercare, a Classic Airbrush Spray Tan can be expected to last 7-10 days.

Rapid Airbrush Spray Tan – $50

After the solution is applied at your airbrush tanning appointment, you will only need to leave the product on your skin for 2-5 hours without getting your skin wet, damp, or sweaty. After you rinse off the solution, your tan will continue to develop until it has been 24 hours since the application. With proper aftercare, a Rapid Airbrush Spray Tan can be expected to last 5-7 days.

To ensure the best results, here are some tips to keep in mind before your Tanning appointment: Open Tanning Prep Instructions

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Skin. We all have it, but do we all take care of it? Unfortunately, most people don’t start really taking care of their skin until they start having issues or concerns with it. Whether you’ve got problematic skin, or you are one of the people #blessed to have easy, low-maintenance skin, you will absolutely benefit from some facial TLC. I think we all too often forget that our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. When you think of it like that rather than just a potato sack that holds our skeletons in, it’s common sense to make regular skincare treatments part of your life. As a licensed esthetician who has worked in several different arenas of skincare, I have been able to curate completely customized treatments using the highest quality skincare products. Here at Glow Up, I believe in science-based skincare using powerful ingredients derived from Mother Nature. My focus is to improve the overall health of your skin to get the clear, smooth, beautiful results we all want. Using two high-end natural product lines, Sara Elizabeth Skincare and 302 Professional Skincare, any skin concern can be addressed. All facials are 100% customized and tailor-made to fit all of your skin’s needs. While gentle and healing, the products I use are all still high-performing and give amazing results. Start giving your skin the workout it deserves to keep it in shape. Remember, preventative skincare is easier (and cheaper) than reparative skincare!

75-Minute Luxury Herbal Facial – $120

If you’re looking for a treatment that will actively address all of your skincare goals while making you feel like the pampered queen (or king) that you deserve to be, look no further than the Luxury Herbal Facial. Using the Sara Elizabeth Skincare line, your skin’s specific needs will all be met using products that utilize Mother Nature’s proprietary ingredients to slow down the signs of aging, reverse pigmentation, clear up imperfections and achieve a balanced, supple texture. After a thorough consultation and skin analysis, the skin is cleansed, steamed, exfoliated, extracted, masked, massaged, and replenished. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also be treated to a relaxing hand, arm, neck, shoulder, and hot-towel foot massage. Complimentary wake up call is included at the end of your treatment, since chances are pretty good that you’ll be drifting off during this service.

60-Minute Clarifying Botanical Facial – $90

Using the ultra-soothing and healing products from 302 Professional Skincare, the Clarifying Botanical Facial is ideal for those looking to clear up problematic skin. After a thorough consultation and skin analysis, the skin is cleansed, steamed, exfoliated, extracted, masked, massaged, and replenished. Since I always try to mix business with pleasure, you will still be treated to a hand, arm, neck, and shoulder massage during this facial treatment.

30-Minute Customized Organic Express Facial – $50

This is the mini version of our 60-minute facial. Also completely customized, we will discuss your main concerns and goals to determine which aspects of the full treatment we want to include in this express treatment. Although shorter, I still give your skin as much TLC as humanly possible in 30 minutes. Perfect for the client who wants to pop in during a lunch break or who is trying to get into a skincare regimen on a budget.

Microdermabrasion Add-On – $25

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion can be added to any 60- or 30-minute facial. Microdermabrasion is a physical method of exfoliation using a machine to remove dry, dead skin cells that build up in what’s called the corneal layer of the skin. Although the microdermabrasion feels gentle to the skin, it is a fairly aggressive form of exfoliation. That being said, I do not recommend microdermabrasion for all skin types. I do not recommend this treatment for anyone with active breakouts, scabbing, rosacea, general inflammation, or sensitive skin. Not sure if it’s right for you? Let’s chat! Please feel free to text or email me before booking if you’re unsure if microdermabrasion is right for you. Or, we can always discuss at your appointment. Please keep in mind microdermabrasion takes roughly 15 extra minutes, so make sure to account for the addition to the length of your appointment.

Paraffin Face Mask Add-On – $20

The Paraffin Face Mask can be added to any facial treatment. Remember dipping your fingers in melted candle wax as a kid? Turns out we were on to something! Paraffin has multiple benefits for the skin. A paraffin face mask aids in product penetration, soothes the facial muscles, improves circulation, reduces wrinkles, and locks in hydration. Strips of gauze are dipped into the melted paraffin wax, then placed on the face to form a mask. The paraffin mask then sits on the skin for 10 minutes, leaving your skin glowing and soft like a little baby angel. Paraffin masks are beneficial for most skin types. However, it’s not for you if there are any open cuts or scabs on the face, if you have blood pressure issues, and it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Purifying Back Treatment – $100

The Purifying Back Treatment is essentially the same as the 60-Minute Facial, except we flip you over and treat the skin on your back. The skin from the top of the shoulders to the waistline is treated. Still a completely customized treatment, the Purifying Back Treatment is great to help clear up problematic skin or just to freshen up an area that can be hard for us to take care of on our own. After the consultation and skin analysis, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated with either a gentle enzyme or an organic sugar scrub, extractions are performed if necessary, a replenishing mask is applied, and all of the finishing products. The back treatment also includes a back and scalp massage.

Read FAQ for Organic Facials


Lash extensions have become what the acrylic French manicure was for the early 2000’s: you either want them or you already have them. I don’t know about you, but I have tried at least 10,000 different mascaras over the years and they all leave something to be desired. Whether it’s losing their luster by the time you get off work, clumping together, smudging under your eyes, or just the struggle of having to wrestle it off at night before bed, there’s always a problem. Well my friends, the solution is eyelash extensions! Using premium quality lashes and adhesive from industry leader Lash Affair by J. Paris, an artificial individual lash extension is applied to an individual natural lash. The lash extensions then “fall out” gradually as the natural lashes they are attached to shed. With customized lash styling, you have the option of going anywhere from bold, dramatic, “look at me” lashes to subtle, more natural-looking lashes that simply accentuate what you’ve already got. During your consultation, we will also discuss the lash extension length, weight and curl that will be appropriate to ensure we are maintaining the health and integrity of your natural lashes. Every morning you get to wake up with your lashes still looking long, dark, and voluptuous. Throw on some lip gloss and girl, you are good to go!

Classic Full Set – $120

Individual lash extensions are applied to individual natural lashes with no limit on lash count. Full sets apply to any first-time lash extension clients, as well as any client with less than 40% of their previous lash extensions remaining on.

Classic Fill – $70

At this touch-up appointment, lash extensions will be applied to the new lashes that have grown in since your previous appointment, revamping your extensions to their fullest look. A Classic Fill applies only to clients who have at least 40% of their previous lash extensions still remaining on. If you have less than 40% of your extensions left, please book for a Classic Full Set to ensure that I have adequate time to fill your lashes.
*Any fills coming from another lash artist may be subject to additional charges if removal is necessary. Final quotes will always be given after the client has been seen and assessed, prior to beginning the appointment.

Mini Fill – $50

The Mini Fill is designed for clients who always want their lashes to be as full as possible. Perfect for when you have a special occasion coming up and you need just a little extra boost since your last lash appointment! Mini Fills must be booked within two weeks of your last lash appointment with at least 60% of the previous lash extensions still remaining on. If you have less than 60% of your extensions left, please book for a Classic Fill to ensure that I have adequate time to fill your lashes.
*Mini Fills do NOT apply for new clients coming from another lash artist. Please book for either a Classic Fill or a Classic Full set, depending on the amount of lash extensions you still have.

Read FAQ for Lash Extensions


I know I literally just labeled this as the “waxing” section, but I actually use a non-wax, soy-based, botanical depilatory called Nufree Nudesse for my hair removal services. The process is nearly identical to waxing, with the main difference being that since the product is not a wax, it never dries or adheres to the skin. Even the most sensitive skin types will be left with minimal irritation and no sticky residue. For all intents and purposes, I will still refer to the process as waxing. So let’s be honest, the main attraction here is Brow Shaping. Since brows are irrefutably the most important thing in the world we live in, I feel they deserve a lot more than a five-minute waxing appointment. There’s a lot of pressure for our brows to always be on point, fleek, and I’m sure some other hip term I’m not aware of. Transforming eyebrows into the beautiful arches they deserve to be takes time, skill, and precision. One hair can make or break your entire shape, so this is not a service I take lightly. I can help you achieve and maintain the perfect shape for your face, and I also offer emotional support during the trying times of letting your brows grow back. Lip, chin, cheeks, hairline and nostril waxing are also available.

Brow Shaping – $20

All first-time brow sculpting appointments start with an interactive consultation where we’ll look at your brows together, discussing desired shapes and thickness. Brows will be combed, trimmed, waxed, and any stragglers will be tweezed. An all-natural antiseptic and soothing cream will be applied after to reduce irritation.

Lip – $10
Chin – $10
Cheeks – $15
Hairline – $15

This can be considered the hairline at the forehead or at the neckline.

Full Face – $65

Includes Brow Shaping as well as lip, chin, cheeks & hairline waxing.

Nose – $15

A hard wax, which does not use strips, is used to remove the hair at the outer edges of the nostril.

Read FAQ for Facial Waxing

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